What Is The CISS And How Does It Work?

CISS - Save up to 95% on printing cost!

What Is The CISS?

The CISS continuous ink supply system – is a great alternative for black & white and color printing.

The CISS prints up till 95% cheaper than the conventional cartridges and with a similar print quality.

The CISS  contains the equivalent of up to 28 sets of ordinary ink cartridges .

The CISS  is compatible with many models of inkjet printers: CISS Epson, CISS Canon, CISS HP, CISS Brother.

How does the CISS work?

The CISS delivers a continuous flow of ink to a special type of ink cartridge, through a capillary system connected to external reservoirs.

The installation of the CIS System takes between 5 and 20 minutes, depending of the system itself and of the printer model.

Exterior tanks are transparent, so one can easily see when a color is close to ending.

The exterior ink tanks, which are part of  CISS  system are placed near the printer so that, refilling can be easily done without having to resort to a specialized center.

The package comes with installation and operating instructions in English, French and German.

Cissmarket.com contains video tutorials in in English, French and German explaining step by step the installation process.

CISSmarket.com offers high quality CISS  systems, especially designed, produced and tested for long term reliability under the European market standards.

You can find more information on CISS  website.


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