“J’accuse!” – A letter to my friends in Romania & the EU By Adrian Nastase

Adrian Nastase


A letter to my friends in Romania & the EU By Adrian Nastase

„My fellow countrymen & women,

My European Union friends,

The total elimination of corruption is a paramount goal for any EU member state.

Such is the demand from new member states to adopt the highest norms and procedures of fighting corruption.

However, political persecution and obstruction of justice by the ruling political forces in Romania, do not eliminate corruption – but reinforce it.

Anybody who truly examines the records understands that In in the last seven years I have been charged with outrageously false accusations, based on fiction which was supported by fabricated evidence and extortion.

I have been publicly convicted by premeditated demonizing PR campaign of disinformation, slander & lies, before investigations started, before official charges were made and long before actual trials began.

All the above was conducted by the state prosecution authorities of my country, at the services of the current ruling political power.

During the improvised trials, which eventually took place, the prosecution of my country violated almost every single rule of ethics and law.

In recent years, I was focusing on my defense in Court, hopping for due judicial process in the last stronghold of my country’s democracy – The Supreme Court of Justice. I have seen it abused, attacked & ridiculed shamelessly in public by the authorities. In some cases it even surrendered to the illegal pressures, exploitation and deception of the ruling political forces of my country.

It was evident throughout these years that very few people acknowledged what really went on inside the court rooms during my trials. A few others ignored it. But most people simply did not know.

I was patiently and painfully waiting for the first phase of court cases to be over, before I have decided to take this battle outside to the public.

Although my family and friends paid a very dear price during all that time, this battle is not about my personal political career and not about a personal vendetta. It is about the future of my country and the future of its judicial system, which must also guarantee the full protection of citizens from tyranny.

People cannot be forced into such a personal ordeal by the authorities of their countries, and political leaders – no matter how powerful – must not be allowed such a devastating abuse of the power vested in them by the people.

I will not surrender to a few individuals who jeopardize the most fundamental values of our democracy & justice, through means of extortion and deception, aimed only at incriminating people at all cost – simply because they are legitimate political opponents.

I stand behind every claim presented in this website – http://www.zambacciancode.ro/, regarding the obstruction of justice, slander, intimidation, extortion, fraud & deception by prosecutors of The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) of Romania.

I thank you very much

for your time,”

Bucharest, April 2012


3 gânduri despre „“J’accuse!” – A letter to my friends in Romania & the EU By Adrian Nastase

  1. Theodora
    Sa-ti dea Dumnezeu sanatate tie si parintilor tai.
    Voi bucurestenii aveti un „cusur” , nu este cazul tau , va lasati calcati in picioare invocand spiritul balcanic !, asa s-a ajuns ca din primar general al capitalei unul din Marii Infractori al Romaniei sa ajunga presedintele romanilor .
    Sa fii iubita …
    Cu stima Emil

    P.S. Pot acuza si eu pana … La Loc Comanda si eu nu am fost PM.

  2. @ Theodora
    Ai citit articolul de pe DC News de azi, ora 9:50?
    Daca nu, citeste-l! (nu are legatura cu Adrian Nastase ci cu USL)

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